Case Studies

Sometimes it is better to leave it to experts

The Challenge
While the management team was evaluating few vendors it was not able to make decision due to various reasons such as: READ MORE

Streamlined Accounts & Payroll processes

The Challenge

Being a start up,their main focus was to improve their service quality and to be able to focus more on business growth READ MORE


Finsmart Solutions has been helping many business’s streamline their accounting & payroll functions, thereby helping them concentrate on their core business activities. On the 10th anniversary of Finsmart Solutions, ” Human capital online” had a freewheeling discussion with Mrs. Shalaka Joshi,a qualified Chartered Accountant and also Founder & Director of Finsmart Solutions.

Quick Insights


Business environment is always volatile.Sometimes you have loads of works and then are lean time.As an accounting firm,or an accounting division of a small firms. :


Are you aware of the real costs of running in-house

Payroll is a critical function, but it can get quite cumbersome because of the complexities and compliances involved. While it can be managed in-house, there are several issues to be considered :



SME’s have a lot of challenges to deal with. To add to it, they have to manage all the accounting and payroll related compliances.. How should SME’s go about managing these compliances in the most effective way? :