Why Choose Finsmart Solution?

Quick Start And Incubation

Infant care at its best

Finsmart Solutions has devised a Start-Up service model that commences independent functioning in just 3 days since inception. We also deploy incubation measures when we adopt a new customer. Our incubation team consists of experts who help us to adapt customer’s in a relatively shorter span and to stabilize the project within agreed timelines. With this the customers can experience an uneventful handover with literally no service breakage

Finsmart Solutions Team

An efficient workforce as your virtual team

With a young and dynamic team of working professionals of an average age under 30, Finsmart Solutions boasts of a skillful and knowledgeable workforce. This helps them to adopt new technology quickly. By training our employees on technology platforms and orientation on customer business processes, they have become a key stakeholder in our decade of success. As a consequence, we maintain avery low attrition rate.

Qualitative Services

Complete value added proposition, not just transaction processing

Delivering accurate processed data as per agreed parameters and in a timely manner is a hygiene factor at Finsmart Solutions. We have paved a multi-layered data processing and review mechanism that has matured over the time. Our rigorous and proven delivery model ensures virtually defect-free deliverables that can be relied on for your further decision-making and reporting.

Business 24*7

Beat the clock

We operate on a multi-shift basis thus providing 24*7 type of services to our customers. In a dual-timed model, our teams work in tandem with customer teams and also function when their teams are away after duty hours. Thus the actual transaction processing time is three-fold and the customers gainfully get advantage of working in different time zones.

Service Flexibility & Scalability

Pay For What You Need, When You Need

We offer our customers the flexibility to scale their outsourcing needs from time to time. So during peak business season (statutory audits, month-end, year-end etc.) they can opt for additional bandwidth from us while at other times they can continue to have existing contracted bandwidth. Finsmart Solutions also gets our customers flexibility of onsite, offshore or even mixed placement model on needed basis. This helps them to keep the costs at an optimum level.


Understanding Your Environment

We understand that every business is different and has some specific establishment set-ups. Our service models are quite adaptive, accepting data from simple Excel sheets or from complex ERP systems at the same time. Over the years our teams have successfully acclimated with customer’s business environments in a relatively short time. This model does not call for any additional investment in technology while entrusting business to us.

Technology Platforms

An efficient workforce as your virtual team

Due to their ability to adopt new technologies quickly, our team members have potential to deal with virtually all technology platforms, from simple Tally, MS Office, Quick-Books, and Ascent to world-famous ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Applications, and MS Dynamics etc.

Statutory Regulations & Compliances

Service Span Redefined

Finsmart Solutions not only takes care of internal reporting and MIS requirements but also the requirements of end customers like Auditors, Bankers, Legislation Authorities and even Governments in a multi-locational, multi-currency environment. Finsmart Solutions has abilities to cater to needs pertaining to international accounting, IFRS, US GAAP, International Accounting & Auditing Standards covering more than 100 regulations.

Data Security

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

Today’s IT environment is vulnerable to internal and external threats to our data and sensitive information. We at Finsmart Solutions have tuned our internal processes by adding controls and security measures by deploying latest technology. We also get our IT environment audited by external System Auditors from time to time. By this we always ensure that customers can bank on us for security and confidentiality of their data and information.


Value Worth Every Penny

Finsmart Solutions offers a wide range of pricing models ranging from unit based (hours, heads etc.) to ad-hoc models that suit customer’s pockets. Finsmart Solutions also gives flexibility to choose the pricing models based on customer’s needs during a particular season or occasion. Therefore, Finsmart Solutions outsourcing becomes a really profitable solution to our customers in a real sense

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